Zaxby’s Drinks Menu

Zaxby’s is known for it is delicious chicken fingers And wings, But the restaurant chain also offers a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

Whether you are in the mood for a classic Coca-Cola & a refreshing Zaxby’s Signature Tea, there is something for everyone on the Zaxby’s Drinks Menu.

In this post, I will take a closer look at Zaxby’s Drinks Menu & highlight some of the most popular items. I will also provide some tips for choosing the perfect drink to pair with your meal.

Zaxby’s Drink Menu

Zaxby’s Drink Menu With Price

Sweet Teakidz$1.10
Milk (8oz) small$1.60
Chocolate Milk (8oz) small$1.10
Unsweet Teasmall$1.99-$2.49.
Dr Pepper small$2.49-$2.99.
Sprite small$2.49-$2.99.
Diet Cokesmall$2.49-$2.99.
Minute Maid Lemonadesmall$2.69.
Hi-C Flashin’ Fruit Punchsmall$1.99
Mello Yellokidz$1.79
Powerade Mountain Berry Blastkidz$1.79

Zaxby’s Beverages Menu

Bottled Water$1.49
Apple Juice$1.09
Kidz Beverage$0.99
Kidz Beverage$0.99
Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)$4.99

Healthiest Drinks at Zaxby’s

Unsweet Iced Tea

Unsweet Iced Tea

Zaxby’s Unsweet Iced Tea is a refreshing And calorie-free beverage, That is perfect for enjoying your Meal.

It is brewed fresh daily with real tea Leaves & is available in a variety of Sizes, Including gallons, Smalls (12oz), Mediums (16oz), And large (20oz).

Price: Small (12oz): $1.10

Milk – White or Chocolate

Milk – White or Chocolate

Zaxby’s offers both white & chocolate milk. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference.

White milk is a good source of calcium, protein, & other nutrients. It is also a relatively low-calorie drink, with only 110 calories per cup.

 Chocolate milk is also a good source of calcium and protein, But it also contains sugar. A small (8oz) cup of Zaxby’s chocolate milk has 160 calories.

Price: Small (12oz): $1.10

Bottled or Tap Water

Bottled or Tap Water

What could be more satisfying than a chilled, revitalizing, And healthful glass of water?

Water has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate your body, eliminate toxins, & restore hydration following an intense workout.

While it might not be the most obvious companion for your indulgent high-calorie chicken fingers, your waistline will undoubtedly appreciate the choice.

Price: $1.49

Apple Juice

Apple Juice.

Zaxby’s Apple Juice is a refreshing And sweet beverage, That is perfect for enjoying with your meal. It is made with 100% real apple juice & is a good source of vitamin C And antioxidants. It is also a relatively low-calorie drink, with only 80 calories per cup.

Price: Small (6oz): $0.90

Zaxby’s Apple Juice is available in a variety of sizes, including 6oz, 12oz, and 16oz. It is also available in a gallon size for catering orders.

Coke Zero

Coke Zero

Zaxby’s Coke Zero is a refreshing And calorie-free beverage that is perfect for enjoying with your meal. 

It is made with the same great taste as Coca-Cola, but without the calories & sugar. Zaxby’s Coke Zero is also a good source of caffeine, which can help to improve alertness & energy levels.

Price: Small (12oz): $1.10

Zaxby’s Coke Zero is available in a variety of sizes, including 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz. It is also available in a fountain drink option.

Zaxby’s History

Zaxby’s is a fast-food restaurant chain, That specializes in chicken fingers. It was founded in 1990 in Statesboro, Georgia, And now has over 900 locations in 19 states.

Zaxby’s is known for it is hand-breaded chicken fingers, which are made with fresh, never frozen chicken. The company also offers a variety of other food items, including sandwiches, salads, & sides.

Zaxby’s is committed to providing it is customers with a delicious And affordable dining experience.

Zaxby’s Near Me

Zaxby’s Social Profiles

Contact Information

  • Zaxby’s Corporate Office Address: 1040 Founder’s BoulevardSuite 100
  • Athens, Georgia 30606
  • Zaxby’s Corporate Office Phone Number: 706-353-8107
  • Zaxby’s Contact: Check here


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FAQs – Zaxbys Drinks Menu

What drinks are available on Zaxby’s Drinks Menu?

Zaxby’s offers a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, iced tea, lemonade, and more. You can also find kids’ drinks and signature milkshakes.

Can I get refills on my drinks at Zaxby’s?

Yes, Zaxby’s offers free refills on soft drinks, iced tea, and fountain beverages for dine-in customers.

Are there any options for people who don’t want carbonated drinks?

Absolutely! Zaxby’s has non-carbonated options like sweet tea, unsweetened tea, and lemonade.

Do they serve any alcoholic beverages at Zaxby’s?

No, Zaxby’s does not serve alcoholic beverages. They focus on a family-friendly dining experience.

Are there any special drinks for kids on the menu?

Yes, Zaxby’s offers kids’ drinks, usually featuring smaller-sized soft drinks or milk options for younger diners.

Can I customize my drinks at Zaxby’s?

While you can’t customize soft drinks, you can often choose different flavors for beverages like tea and lemonade if available.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time drinks on the menu?

Zaxby’s occasionally offers seasonal or promotional drinks, so it’s a good idea to check the menu for special offerings.

What size options are available for drinks?

Zaxby’s typically offers different sizes for soft drinks and other beverages, ranging from small to large.

Do they have any healthy drink options?

While Zaxby’s primarily serves traditional beverages, they offer unsweetened tea and water, which can be good choices for a healthier option.

Can I order drinks to go with my Zaxby’s meal?

Yes, you can order drinks to go along with your meal. Zaxby’s provides both dine-in and takeout options for their beverages.


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