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Looking for a Kids Menu at Zaxby’s? Look no further! Zaxby’s Kids Menu has delicious options that your little ones will love. Whether they are in the mood for chicken fingers, Mac And cheese, Or a grilled cheese sandwich, Zaxby’s Has something for everyone.

In this post, I will discuss the Zaxby’s Kids Menu, Including prices & everything you need to know to place an order. I will also share tips on how to choose a healthy Kid’s meal And provide reviews of the menu items.

Zaxby’s Kids Menu With Price

Zaxby’s kid’s menu is a great option for parents who are looking for a kid-friendly meal, That is also affordable. The meals are relatively small, So they are perfect for younger children.

Kiddie Fingerz™$3.99
Kidz Mibbler™$3.99
Kiddie Cheese®$3.99
Crinkle Fries$1.99
Fruit Cup$1.79
Kidz® Drink$1.99

Zaxby’s Kid Menu Calories

Here is the calorie range for each item on the Zaxby’s Kids Menu:

  • Kiddie Fingerz™: 700-810 calories
  • Kiddie Cheese®: 730-840 calories
  • Kidz® Drink: 0-200 calories

The exact calorie count of each item will vary depending on the size And type of drink chosen. For example, A Kidz® Drink of water will have 0 calories, While a Kidz® Drink of Coca-Cola will have 150 Calories.

How to Order a Kids Meal at Zaxby’s

You can use these procedures to place an order for a kid’s meal at Zaxby’s:


  • Navigate to the Zaxby’s websit tab on the Zaxby app or website.
  • Choose the kid’s meal of your choice by scrolling down to the “Zax Kidz” section.
  • Select your appetisers & beverages.
  • Select “Add to Order” To get your order summary.
  • Enter your payment details And click “Checkout”.
  • Pick a delivery or pickup option.
  • You’re done when you click “Place Order”!

Tips for Choosing a Healthy Kids Meal at Zaxby’s

  • Grilled vs. Fried: Opt for grilled chicken options over fried ones to reduce unhealthy fats And calories.
  • Kid’s Meal: Stick to the kids’ menu, which typically offers smaller portions and healthier sides.
  • Side Choices: Choose healthier sides like fruit cups, celery sticks, or a side salad instead of fries or onion rings.
  • Sauces: Select lighter dipping sauces or ask for them on the side to control portion sizes.
  • Beverages: Choose water, milk, or a small serving of 100% fruit juice instead of sugary sodas.
  • Portion Control: Pay attention to portion sizes and don’t supersize the meal.
  • Salad Options: Some Zaxby’s locations offer salads for kids. These can be a healthier choice with lots of veggies and lean protein.
  • Skip Dessert: Avoid high-calorie desserts and save sweets for special occasions.
  • Read Nutrition Information: Check the nutrition information on Zaxby’s website or in-store to make informed choices.
  • Customize: Don’t hesitate to ask for customizations, like extra veggies on a sandwich or skipping certain toppings.
  • Moderation: Enjoy Zaxby’s in moderation. It is okay for an occasional treat, But not an everyday choice for a healthy diet.

Zaxby’s Kids Menu Reviews

Zaxby’s offers a diverse selection of kids’ meals, each featuring a main course, side dish, & drink. Main courses include classic chicken fingers, grilled nuggets for a healthier option, or a kid-sized chicken sandwich.

For the sides, you can choose from classic fries, a refreshing fruit cup, or applesauce. And to quench their thirst, kids can choose milk, juice, or water.

Parents generally rave about Zaxby’s kids’ meals, praising the variety of options and the affordability. However, some parents mention smaller portion sizes, which could leave hungrier kids wanting more.

Zaxby’s Near Me


Zaxby’s Kids Menu is also a good Option, For families And Kids. The restaurant has a spacious dining area And offers a variety of family Meals.

If you have any questions Or comments about Zaxby’s, Please feel free to leave them Below.

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What is Zaxby’s Kids Menu?

Zaxby’s Kids Menu is a special menu designed specifically for children. It offers a variety of kid-friendly meals at Zaxby’s restaurants.

What are the options available on Zaxby’s Kids Menu?

The menu includes items like Chicken Fingerz, Chicken Nibblerz, Kidz Nibblerz, and Kidz Mealz, all served with a choice of side and a drink.

Can I customize the Kids Menu items for my child’s preferences?

Yes, you can often customize some aspects of the meal, such as the choice of side or beverage, to suit your child’s preferences.

Are there any healthier options on the Kids Menu?

Zaxby’s Kids Menu offers healthier choices like apple slices and fruit cups as sides, and you can choose water or milk as a beverage for a more nutritious meal.

What options are available on Zaxby’s children’s menu, and do they offer healthier choices for kids?

Zaxby’s children’s menu offers the Kiddie Fingers, Kidz Nibbler, and Kiddie Cheese meals, all of which come with crinkle fries, a treat, and a Kidz drink. Healthier options include the grilled chicken finger meal and the side salad.


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