Zaxby’s Tampa Menu Prices, Location & Hours

Are you looking for the best Zaxby’s in Tampa? If so, you have come to the right place! 

Zaxby’s is a popular fast food restaurant chain that is known for it is delicious chicken fingers & wings. The restaurant also offers a variety of other menu items, Such as sandwiches, Salads, And sides. 

In this guide, I will provide you with all the information you need to know about Zaxby’s Tampa, Including their menu prices, Hours of operation, & Review.

Zaxby’s Tampa

Zaxby’s Tampa Menu With Price

Zaxby’s Tampa has food for everyone, including fried chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches, And salads.

You can also choose from a variety of dipping sauces, Including the popular Zax Sauce & Tongue Torch, to make your meal as spicy Or mild as you like.

Fingerz & Wings Mealz

Chicken Finger Plate – 4 Fingerz$5.99
Chicken Finger Plate – 6 Fingerz$6.99
Big Zax Snak® Meal$7.99
Boneless Wings & Things$5.99
Traditional Wings & Things$5.99
Great 8 Boneless Wings Meal$7.99
Traditional Wings Meal$7.99
Boneless Wings Meal$7.99
Chicken Finger Plate – Sauced 5 Fingers$6.49
Chicken Finger Plate – Sauced 4 Fingers$5.99
Sauced Boneless Wings & Things$6.49
Chicken Finger Plate – Sauced 6 Fingers$7.49
Sauced Traditional Wings & Things$6.49
Sauced Big Zax Snak® Meal$8.49
Chicken Finger Plate – 5 Fingerz$5.99

Sandwich Mealz

Zaxby’s® Signature Sandwich$5.29
Fried Chicken Philly$6.99
3 Nibblerz® Sandwich$5.29
Kickin Chicken Sandwich$5.29
Zaxby’s® Spicy Signature Sandwich$5.29
Grilled Chicken Philly$6.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.29

Big Zalads

The Cobb Zalad® – Fried$15.39
The House Zalad® – Fried$13.99
Southwest Zalad® – Grilled$15.89
The Cobb Zalad® – Grilled$15.39
The House Zalad® – Grilled$13.99
Southwest Zalad® – Fried$15.89
Southwest Zalad® – Garden$12.39

Fingerz & Wingz

Chicken Fingerz™ – 5$11.19
Boneless Wings – 5$8.39
Chicken Fingerz™ – 10$20.99
Traditional Wings – 10$19.49
Traditional Wings – 5$9.79
Boneless Wings – 10$15.39
5 Sauced Chicken Fingerz™$12.59
10 Sauced Chicken Fingerz™$23.79
20 Sauced Chicken Fingerz™$46.19
Chicken Fingerz™ – 20$40.59
Traditional Wings – 20$37.79
Boneless Wings – 20$29.39


Frozen Lemonade$3.99
Handcrafted Peach Sweet Tea$3.69
Gallon of Sweet Tea$8.39
Gallon of Unsweetened Tea$8.39

Family Meals

Fingerz Family Meal$48.99
Sauced Fingerz Family Meal$54.59
Boneless Wings Family Meal$51.79


Platter NamePrice
Texas Toast Platter$17.49
Nibblerz Platter$62.99
Boneless Wings Platter$83.99
Regular Chicken Fingerz™ and Boneless Wings Zampler Platter$72.79
Sauced Fingerz™ Platter$92.39
Sauced Chicken Fingerz™ and Boneless Wings Zampler Platter$88.19
Regular Chicken Fingerz™ Platter$81.19
Traditional Wings Platter$75.59
Large Chicken Fingerz™ Platter$111.99
Chicken Fingerz™ and Traditional Wings Zampler Platter$78.39
Sauced Chicken Fingerz™ and Traditional Wings Zampler Platter$83.99

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Zaxby’s Tampa Hours

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM10:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM11:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM10:00 PM

Zaxby’s Tampa Review

There are many Zaxby’s restaurants in Tampa, So it is important to be specific about which location you are reviewing. Please provide the address or name of the specific Zaxby’s you visited.

Once you provide the specific location, I can offer a comprehensive review based on customer reviews, Menu, Pricing, And other relevant information.

Zaxby’s Tampa Locations Near Me

Final Word

Zaxby’s in Tampa is a great place to eat delicious chicken meals And other tasty food. It is a good choice for people who live in Tampa Or are visiting the city.

Thank you for reading about Zaxby’s Tampa! I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions Or feedback, Please feel free to leave a comment below.


Where is Zaxby’s located in Tampa?

Zaxby’s has multiple locations in Tampa, so you can find one near you. Just use our store locator on the Zaxby’s website or a maps app to find the closest one.

What type of food does Zaxby’s Tampa serve?

Zaxby’s offers a variety of items, including chicken wings, chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches, and sides like fries and coleslaw. They also have a kid’s menu.

Is Zaxby’s Tampa’s food halal or kosher?

Zaxby’s does not offer halal or kosher options in their standard menu. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the specific location for any special offerings or accommodations.

Can I order online for pickup or delivery at Zaxby’s Tampa?

Yes, you can order online through the Zaxby’s website or app for both pickup and delivery, depending on the location. Just choose your preferred option during the ordering process.

Does Zaxby’s Tampa offer vegetarian or vegan options?

While Zaxby’s is known for its chicken, they also have salads and some sides that are vegetarian. However, there are limited vegan options, so be sure to ask about customization


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